Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The New World Order In Under 5 Minutes

HD FullScreen: The New World Order in under 5 minutes, a message from HorseOfPaulRevere to the people, meant to be downloaded and rebroadcast by any and everybody. I will be making a series of 'In Under 5 Min' so stay tuned!

Soundtrack Credit To Ezdi:

The New World Order is the
goal of a collaboration project
orchestrated by the Global Elite.
The goal is one global government,
their NWO, dominated by dictator
rule and central planners, ruling
from the existing power structure
we commonly identify as;
The people & groups behind
International Banks,
Multi-National Companies &
Corporations, Dictators &
Totalitarian Regimes,
Global Interests, Hollywood,
Shadow Governments,
Hijacked Religions,
Military Industrial Complexes,
Bilderberg Members,
United States Federal Reserve,
Council On Foreign Relations,
the U.N., Member Nations and
the huge network of associating
treaties, agreements, groups, clubs,
meetings, etc. Their goal is to enslave
the world population in an invisible
prison, a mental prison, controlling you
through mainstream media, movies, TV,
advertising, MONEY, DEBT and FEAR. They
have already planned every facet of your
life, from what you eat, to what you wear,
drive, buy, make, breathe, say, do, THINK.
Every nation, every state, every man,
woman and child will be affected.
Their efforts and ideas stretch back
centuries, arguably thousands of years,
and have been patiently implemented in
small increments. Now, with the NWO
close to completion, your mind has become
a hot commodity. The Evidence exists, it is
overwhelming, it is everwhere... It is on your
TV, in your headphones, at your movie theater,
in your politicians. What is the solution?
We already have it, we just need you to use it.
We don't need guns or violence, we need
YAHWEH and His Son YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST). Jesus Christ, by His Shed BLOOD, is the only who can free His people from the world.
We are HIS people, join us while you still can.

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original post by HorseofPaulRevere

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