Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Parable of the Fig Tree

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According to statistics we have lost the most in population than any other state. One main reason due to unemployment. Officials here are planning to bring jobs into the area. Just how they have a job on their hands (no pun intended). My life is surrounded by certain events from the time I was born to the present. I was born ten years after Israel became a nation in May 1948. The fig tree was just beginning to bloom. I'm referring to the parable spoken by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24. From the time Israel came into existence, America has gone through changes and one of them is a decline in our culture. In our century alone most biblical prophecy has been fulfilled. The trouble with us now we tend to ignore the consequences. So far, in my lifetime in 1962 the Supreme Court had ordered prayer out of our schools. Our faith is still under fire. California lawyer Michael Newdow sued the U.S. Congress that the phase under God in the Pledge of Allegiance was declared unconstitutional (

The Truth Shall Set You Free.

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