Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Year off to a Start: 2007 a Year of Uncertainty

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HI everyone who made it to 2007. With the democrats being the majority in the government seats it looks like the year isn't getting off to a good start. With Bush wanting to send more troops overseas America is desolving to nothing. I've made it a point to live my life as my last day here on earth. We never know when we'll be here next. Jesus Christ is coming back soon! There's no doubt about it. The gulag is here. What so troubling about America's future is that back in 2005, Bush put into affect an Act that will make it mandatory for everyone to have a National ID card. What's wrong with this is that you can not apply for a job, get social security, enter a Federal building, board a plane, train or bus. Doesn't this sound like the preparation for the Mark of the Beast. Satan is always suble with his evil deeds. This is a warning to anyone who will consider accepting this. Hopefully many will see through the plan of U.S. government to stop this diabolical takeover of the United States. People like Jay Sekulow a lawyer and Christian of the American Center for Law and Justice are fighting to keep our rights and freedoms. I'm placing my hope and trust in Christ. There is on the next agenda, The Rapture. Hope some of you out there will ask Jesus to save you from the evil that is coming on the earth called the Antichrist.
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