Thursday, July 28, 2005

Magic Pill Big Business, Big Deal

It's been a big headache for me in finding a "magic pill" that really work to keep you healthy. Thanks to the FDA it's even harder. I came upon, see for yourself about his claims that if you tell at least 20 other people you get $1000.00. Is it for real?

The Ten Commandments and Our American Law

I just got through reading a very eye-opening and informative book called "The American Prophecies" by Michael Evans ( Basically it says if America doesn't stand with Israel in their time of need we are cursed as a nation. President Bush said a recent speech he wanted to divide Israel to appease the enemies of Israel (the Arabs). If President Bush gets his way he will plunge America into utter chaos. When you mess with God you're asking for it. We're already in trouble with groups wanting to destroy our freedoms. Some of them being the ACLU, Freedom from Religion Foundation and other who filed lawsuits to remove public displays of the Ten Commandments from various federal, state and local government buildings. These groups cite the "separation of of church and state" to justify their efforts to eliminate these displays on public property. provides lots of proved data gathered over time in the effort to give evidence that America was founded on Chrisitianity and that the Ten Commandments play a pivotal role in the shaping of our nation's law and history. If your American rights of freedom and liberty are being denied you can contact

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Parable of the Fig Tree

Thursday, July 14, 2005

This is my first entry. I live in Charleston, West Virginia. According to statistics we have lost the most in population than any other state. One main reason due to unemployment. Officials here are planning to bring jobs into the area. Just how they have a job on their hands (no pun intended). My life is surrounded by certain events from the time I was born to the present. I was born ten years after Israel became a nation in May 1948. The fig tree was just beginning to bloom. I'm referring to the parable spoken by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24. From the time Israel came into existence, America has gone through changes and one of them is a decline in our culture. In our century alone most biblical prophecy has been fulfilled. The trouble with us now we tend to ignore the consequences. So far, in my lifetime in 1962 the Supreme Court had ordered prayer out of our schools. Our faith is still under fire. California lawyer Michael Newdow sued the U.S. Congress that the phase under God in the Pledge of Allegiance was declared unconstitutional ( Newdow is still at it again as of this posting.