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Babylon of the West: The American Prophecy

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By Teresa Carr

One history book that comes to mind to whoever has read it and understand it that it can change the way you look at our present society. Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is a great work of underlying ideas for a moral and ethical life. This should be required reading for every American to give a clear look at the decline of the United States of America. We need to deepen our self-knowledge and wisdom of our errors and know how to correct them. Ancient Rome and America are strikingly parallel in the events that have shaped the condition of their history and ethics. In the past two decades America has been declining in family values, Christian values and the ecclesiastical structure of the church. America has also increased in pleasures and entertainment and the increase of spending in the military. The resemblance has been shockingly amazing. It is because without God as the foundation of social, economic and political progress our nation is doomed as the same fate as ancient Rome.

Everyday we read our newspaper with stories filled of trouble, discontent, and hopelessness. Isn’t it about time to turn the tables and change that by trusting in the One who created the heavens and earth? If we don’t and just ignore all the percussions of a down sliding society moving worldwide we will perish in our own pride and greed. We are living under the same political atmosphere as Israel experience in the days of Christ during the time of the Roman oppression. In Christ’s day the time was ripe for a promised Messiah to come and deliver His people from their oppression. Today we’re living in the time of this same oppression. In 2005, the economy was at it’s lowest.  Prices in oil, natural gas, fruits and vegetables, medical assistance soared. The status of the middle-class was slowly melting away. America is under constant threat of terrorism not only foreign but the uncertainty of the American government and the presence of totalitarianism ever lurking and leaking into every part of our society. There has been much drastic change in modern times it has become much like Babylon in many ways. Little over 200 years ago our forefathers fought against this very threat that attacks over freedom and liberty day by day. Our freedom to worship the one true God who brought us into America is being threatened by those in the government, atheists and fanatic pagan religions whose agenda is to create a socialist society without Jesus Christ. Little do the unrighteous know that in the heart of every believer lives the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. No other force on earth can remove it, unless we allow it to happen. It is in the heart of the believer Jesus lives.

Our future generations are being controlled and destroyed by the money hungry media as they peddle their propaganda from Hell. Since the invention of the T.V. and motion pictures it has changed our society and the way we live we will be remembered in history as the United Media Wasteland of America. America is also a nation that depends too much on the imports of other countries. How we have come away from being self-sufficient has mostly been control by America’s own rogue government. America’s agreement with the enemy has made it susceptible to weakening the foundation of sovereignty. It also leaves open America’s vulnerability to enemy countries out to destroy the U.S. What America needs is to rethink where are we going in the future, and will there still be a United States of America? Towards the end of the 1890’s and beginning of the 20th century America was isolationist and didn’t depend on any country outside its borders. Two great oceans surrounded us and we seemed invincible until World War II began. What happened was the beginning of America’s troubles. The sound of Washington’s farewell address resonates even today. If God’s true church does not act now for the future sovereignty of America as a Christian nation we will perish. The enemy is like the menacing Haman who will annihilate a republic nation of freedom and liberty like the Jewish race in the story of Queen Esther. Do you know what that enemy is? It is our lack of knowledge. In Hosea, God said that my people are destroyed because of it. This wisdom and knowledge can only be obtained through Jesus Christ our Lord. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

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