Friday, December 17, 2010

DREAM: A Real Case Scenario: Fireballs and Missiles

Deep Impact (film)Image via WikipediaI had a dream about two weeks ago before the events of fireballs falling from the sky and the appearance of missiles in the sky. I thought it would be a good idea to document my dream and tell what I saw in the skies.
In the dream, each time I dream of looking at the sky tells me something is going to happen. Most skies I usually see in my dreams are beautiful colors like the one I see in my dreams of Heaven.

As I kept watching the clouds in the sky. These clouds were quite beautiful―fluffy and cottony white with a yellow glow reflection. Then all of a sudden without warning there was a giant fireballs burst through the clouds towards the Earth. It looked like the fireball in the movie, Deep Impact. I thought that the fireball was going to hit the area where there was a busy street in front of me as I looked through the window.

I was worried at first wondering where it was going to hit. People were on the street going along with their lives. As if, people didn't know what was going on around them. But the fireball descended down behind the mountains in the distance and struck the surface. I felt being set at ease that the fireball didn't harm anyone was had safely fell in the distance.

As I continue to look out the window again suddenly without warning fast moving missiles, at least three of them, shot out from the clouds from nowhere. A man who was holding the hand of a little girl was crossing the street and was struck by one of the missile in the head, but the little girl was unharmed. It seemed that the missiles were striking some people but not others. I found that strange why the missiles did that. I've heard that there are missiles are programmed to target an individual without harming anyone else around. This could also be a nuclear type bomb. I found an article on that explains this type of weaponry.

Recently there have been sighting of fireballs in various places in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. Could these fireballs be remnants of the sun coming down to earth as a result of solar CME activity that has been increasing due to movement of a moving planet or dwarf star, Planet X or Nibiru, which currently is believed to be a hoax, like Comet Elenin. The Book of Revelation speaks of a star called Wormwood falls to earth into the sea and poisons one third of the water. As for the missiles there has been reported missiles launched over California one location over Los Angeles, another near San Francisco and another in central California.

If you have any reports about fireballs, missiles, or UFO sightings in your area let me know about it in the comment section. Thanks! 'Til next time. God (YVHV) Bless.
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