Saturday, May 15, 2010

Leaked Terrorist Interrogation Recording - US/Canada Border [Police State LIVE!]

A Canadian couple crossing the US border to go shopping at a Niagara Falls outlet mall is intimidated, interrogated & jailed by the Border Patrol for terrorism. They are harassed and questioned, told lies and thrown in a jail cell. They are asked which individual stores they were going to, and also stated they had the power to ask the address of where they were headed, so Police could call ahead and confirm they were expected. The Cops EVEN CLAIM they don't need any grounds for their actions. THE COUPLE ALSO RECORDED THE ENTIRE ENCOUNTER.

The officers have alot of questions to answer themselves now, seeing as the entire process they used is corrupt. Just listen, I can't even list all of the laws the police are breaking... One Super-cop claims he busts 3 terrorists a day at the border with his super powers.
Police State: Couple Unlawfully Jailed at US-Canada Boarder
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In remembrance of William Cooper, John Todd, Fritz Springmeier, Kent Hovind and other who have risked their lives to expose the Evil in this world.

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