Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israel Bombs Gaza

This is an unprovoked attack today on the Gaza. I had been wondering for a long time was Israel really a good guy protecting their land or were they the bad guy and committed genocide on the Palestinians. Over 50 unarmed people were shot. About 10 were confirmed dead. Pray for the innocent victims. Days before Israel blocked an envoy to deliver a flotilla into Gaza.

This maybe the beginning of World War 3. Israel makes it known they're sending nuclear subs to the Persian Gulf.  While the U.S. has been incapacitated with the Gulf oil spill this is the elites plan to start a war in the Middle East with Israel. That's why Obama let to go on a vacation in Chicago during the Memorial Day weekend, or is he in Chicago? Some things don't add up. Joseph Liberman is in the news again in regards to this. This situation is getting really sticky.

My question for God is it right to kill a race of people over some semi-desert land? This is prophecy being fulfilled. I'm really upset about why the attack on the Gaza? What will the Israelites have to say about all this? This is called by the Israelis Operation Sky Winds.

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