Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Humble Part of Me.

When I first start this blog I had a tough time on what I was going to blog about. There were quite a few things that I'd liked to have talked about. Things are were close to me and others that always been a part of me. Then I thought like most of us have a kind of journey we travel while we're here in this life. I call mine a redemption journey because I hope that in the end that I will be truly redeemed from the state of this mortal life to a life that was meant to be. Most of all of the redemption that Jesus' sacrifice finished 2,000 years ago.

I was reading Rachel Scott's website today. What she lived in the short 17 years of her life had touched millions of people than what another person could do in their lifetime. I keep journals of my works, but Rachel's has to be the most inspiring memorial of compassion. At times I think of Rachel and Columbine. I think that she's in a better place now. And a day that when it rains I think of Rachel's Tears falling down from heaven to us. In here prayers she also hopes that we carry the flame of compassion over the earth just as Jesus hoped it would.

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