Friday, September 30, 2005

Life in the Boonies so Far

So far as of today, I've been going to school for the pass 2-months at Carver Career Center in the Medical Transcription program. The instructor tells us we're being trained as editors in the medical field of health information management. Hopefully, I can use this advantage for my writing career. I would like being an editor. I hope to be working soon. I need the money for gas to get to school and buy food, vitamins and other needed commodities. Seems most of my money goes to gas and soymilk, one to fuel my car and one to fuel me and those neurons. My routine each day begins at 6:00 AM. I say a prayer and read some from my Bible before starting the day. You know it does help when you're going to take a test on that day. It's been proven. Praise the Lord! It's Fall and the trees are beginning to turn their vibrant colors here in West Virginia. My Uncle Johnny who use to come here in the Fall time from Florida just to see the foliage. I've also been involve in an art project and I'm writing a book and a family history. I guess you might say I have this secret hobbie of genealogy and history buffing (Well, guess that isn't a secret anymore). My most unique, colorful ancestor was Asher Crockett (no relation to Davy). He was in the Revolutionary War and was at the Battle of Cowpens (the roughest battle of the war, there were many loses) and at Yorktown. I'm listening to Charles Billingsley, George Owens, Vickie Yohe, Aaron Neville, Aaron Slaughter, Ralph Stanley and Jack Johnson in my current music list. Charles Billingsley has an awesome voice. I have his Charles Billingsley, "Secret Conversation"" CD on my Christmas list. I'm glad it's the weekend. I'll say goodbye to September. It's the 1st day of October tomorrow. Another month come and gone. It goes by so fast on the highway of the past. October is the time of Rosh Hasahanah and Yom Kippur. Many blessings for the New Year to my Jewish friends. That's all for now. Back to business!

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