Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Global Elites Know What's Coming!

They have stolen trillions of dollars in taxpayers money to build their underground cities and dumbs. They are leaving you above ground when the entire world is in chaos and dying. They know about the world economic collapse, the incoming Planet X effects, and nuclear war. That's why I haven't been on Youtube or the internet  much nowadays. I've been writing an informative report on what is happening. Our time is running out. Believe it or not we only have 3-1/2 years left some of us less than others. What I mean is we're now in Tribulation and the most devastating time in history is about to take place. As aforementioned, we will face in some time in our lives economic collapse and world-wide famine, nuclear war in the Middle East and America, and cosmic disturbances that are changing our weather plus HAARP and the government and military declaring war on the America people. This just recently happened in West Virginia with the massive flooding in several counties killing over 25 people.

Check back with my blog for updates on the situation.

Take care and may God bless you all.

Jesus is coming soon! Get ready...

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