Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hitting Close to Home

The following is a video about mountaintop removal that has affected my home state of West Virginia. It has been a concern about preserving our natural resources and keeping industries going for working class within the state. I live with this everyday with coal trucks pounding the roads from morning to evening. My personal views is that I think that mountaintop removal is very ugly and destructive. Ugly as in it defaces the beauty and natural cover of our wildlife, water quality and supply, and the original geological layout and positioning of the strata layers (I hope geologists know what I’m talking about). Destructive because it creates flooding, pollution, and unstable ground layers due to tree and other necessary covering removal. I’m not saying that out-of-state do not reclaim the lands they remove. I feel there is another way of extracting the coal through underground methods. Our forefathers did it why can’t we. After Sunday dinner during Passover week, my brother-in-law made the announcement that he had been laid off from his mechanic job in the Logan mines. The mines in that area had shut down. With the economy continuing to fall it has finally hit home within our family as well, b ut we are better prepared for it than others. I do pray for those families who are suffering at this time with the stress of keeping homes and families together. In the local news, there alot of hype about alternative biofuels and energy sources being campaigned by the political establishment which is not the answer to our problems which will only add to a serious growing one especially coming form our food supply which is more expensive to produce energy. If this is a way of the government to dumb-down American citizens to the point of dismantling the American way then it is definitely not a good plan. It just as much diabolical than it is anything that has changed the course of history that has ever been and hopefully never will be again. This setback is only temporary. There is a higher power that will bring things into judgment and his name is Jesus Christ.

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