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Is Phosgene Gas causing Bird and Fish Kills?

Photograph of Phosgene gas bomb from the Briti...
Photograph of Phosgene gas bomb from the British Livens Projector unearthed at the Somme, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Abolish the Federal Reserve System, and the Jewish Bankers and its replacement with a US currency backed by gold and silver. War Criminals like Bush and Cheney or Rumsfeld were about to be arrested at any moment and delivered up to the Hague jailers, where they were to stand trial, etc. The Illuminati creates wishful-thinking psyops like NESARA to keep you pre-occupied and distracted with fantasy, while they work their takeover agenda in the background. Could that be the case with the phosgene gas story?...Ken Adachi
Writer's Note: I've been investigating the 11 Deepwater Horizon Murders and the Murders of Matt Simmons and John P. Wheeler III. Everything will be recorded in the event to help expose those responsibility for the death of millions of people on the earth. May the Lord in Heaven have mercy on us all.  Justice will be done! Come quickly Lord Jesus.....
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 13, 2011
Received this link January 13 2011:
The Phosgene has been buried in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. If an event false flag or by mega earthquake or both this biowar nerve gas will be release on the populace. Either killing or seriously injuring the surround population. A plan for Agenda 21 and Project Garden Plot. Phosgene affects the lungs and will suffocate its victim. A DuPont employee was exposed to the Phosgene that was being produced illegally at a local DuPont facility.
First things first: Do not fear or doubt. These are mind-killers.
Next: Something is not correct here.
If Phosgene Gas COCl2 were used in Arkansas and many other places in the world then domestic animals and humans would have been affected. The gas is three times heavier than air and if sprayed from an aircraft it would have fallen to the ground. No reports of that happening. Demons posing as Aliens are part of the chem-trail agenda. They're using hologram and fake planes to deposit poisons, DNA-based hybrid engineered synthetic organisms. The sames that was released in the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf of America). Synthia created by J. Craig Venter.
Phosgene is not as bad as Mustard Gas. Does cause blistering of lungs and causes the lungs to fill with fluids. Severe coughing.
Video reports flu-like symptoms in low concentrations. Is that correct?
Would Phosgene Gas cause fish kills? Falling in water, it becomes an acid and then reacts with organic material to form an oregano-chloride.
The presenter in the video is polished and professional. She includes NESARA-like white knights ready to take over the US government. NESARA is a Tavistock program, the brainwashing institute exposed by Dr. John Coleman, aimed at a large segment of Christian population effectively having them await the coming of their Messiah. But to their surprise God has His own plan. IF you don't know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord do it before it's too late. He is the only refuge in the coming storm.
The over all effect is one of great fear, similar to gas masks being handed out to London civilians both in WWI and WWII. The purposefully ugly gas masks, plus the banshee wail of the air raid sirens, was one of the most effective ways Tavistock and its predecessors manipulated people into fear and hatred.
To fight against the Phosgene poisoning drink green superfood juice. Baking soda will neutral the gas if your skin is exposed to it. 

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