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On the 10th Anniversary of 9-11 the Orwellian Nightmare Continues

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Since the September 11 attacks on the U.S. it had also changed the way we see racial profiling. The only thing about this is we also need to look into what really happen on that day and who really was involve in the crime of the century. Even though we may not have all the answers that happened on that day, but what is certain that the elites in our society have designed their own brand of fear tactics by using propaganda to target certain racial groups to cause fear for their own gain of control. If you were to research this further into what causes racial profiling in the first then we would all see that it more than just race.

When you look at this on a societal level, we look at the statistics of how many suspects have committed. But the question is racial profiling necessary to protect U.S. citizens. Another question does it hurt others or does it help the victims? If you didn't do the crime why be persecuted by government and law enforcement authorities? We now live in a society that profiles races under the guise of false terrorism. If an individual no matter the race committed a crime should pay for their crime but if a race is singled out that all are bad this is very wrong.  Supporters need to educate themselves on what they need to confront to help solve the problem of racial profiling in any country or at public establishments such as airports and highways.

With an educated public people need to speak out on the injustice and unfairness of how racial profiling can affect everyone. In the case of the 9-11 hi-jackers, most citizens in America were shocked and alarmed about the attacks done to their country. Arabs and Muslims were singled out as potential terrorists which made them targets for racial profiling. Even though Muslims are connected to terrorism doesn't mean that all Muslims are terrorists. Most Arabs are Muslims but doesn't mean they did the crime. (Siggins) But was this case ever really investigated to its fullest extent? In the Unites States crime data is collected twice a year by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and processed through the National Crime Victimization Survey annually. For example, most homicide victimization by a certain race was higher compared to another. (Risse) Much of what happened on 9-11 has become a big controversy on who really did it. It was everything from it was an inside job to Osama bin-Laden did it. The good way to solve the problem of racial profiling is to find out who did the crime in the first place providing evidence in a fair and honest manner it's as simple as that.


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Dear Prof. Alexander:

There is an excellent article that goes in depth about the difference between racial profiling and profiling written by Peter Siggins an attorney. He explains how America is a place of freedom and civil rights for everyone. When it came to the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese prosecuted by California state district attorneys to enforce the Alien Land law against them. This gave the government the idea that the Japanese presence would cause repetition of another Pearl Harbor. The interest of preserving security and safety of the nation was put in direct conflict with the American ideal of racial equality. It showed a great injustice that was ever visited on American residents. It was in time of war that this justified racial discrimination in the name of national security as the law of the land.  Many courts recognized the injustice done to the Japanese and it hadn't been forgotten.



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Teresa Carr
SOCS201-1104A-01 Cultural Diversity
Assignment Name: Unit 2 Discussion Board
Instructor Amy Alexander
September 13, 2011

Here's a news article only I wished that it was published during the time of this Unit. This was quite strange that this incident happened on 9-11 of a flight (Frontier Flight 623) going from Denver to Detroit. Anyway, it reports about an Arab-Jew, Shoshana Hebshi, a housewife was detained, strip-searched along with two other male passengers on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 after flying from Denver Airport into Detroit. The FBI report never found any threat and released the three. The reason for the detainment according to the airline and FBI was that one of the male passenger wasn't feeling well and went to the bathroom. The other male got up to the bathroom. The female remained seated. That was it. Has the government gotten so ridiculous that just seeing a targeted race can make one paranoid? I think America really needs to wake up, BIG TIME! But the more I look behind the story lines I get a whole new outlook on what's really going on. Is it more than just racial profiling or to keep America in a police state? Something to look into.


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