Friday, August 06, 2010

Ariel Sharon's Rumored Death? The Rapture Next Event?

There's a rumor that has been going around the internet about the supposed death of Ariel Sharon after his 4 year comatose state after he suffered a stroke almost 5 years ago. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but a prophecy had been predicted by a well known Rabbi Kaduri who made the prediction before his death in 2006 that Ariel Sharon would die before the return of the Messiah. Kaduri said he meet the Messiah in a vision in 2003. He was given a message to give to the people of Israel as a promise of His return very soon. In it was revealed the name of the Messiah. Kaduri instructed his followers that the message wasn't to be opened and read until 1 year after his death. After a year the message was revealed and astonished Kaduri followers discovered the name in the coded message as Yehoshua, Yeshua the Hebrew name for "salvation."So is the next event in Biblical prophecy be the rapture? The signs to the LORD's coming are here. Are you ready?

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