Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Barack "Turtle" Obama Gets Elected! (We Elected a Turtle?)

An animal parody on the Obama election and it repercussions on the American public. Is Obama a Turtle in ashell. Since we don't much about Obama and who he really is, it will take a while to put together pieces of the puzzle of his background. Is he Christian or Muslim or Jew? America is the only place on earth that will allow anything and anyone to pass through the doors in the government. What had been reveal in the past that Russians and Jewish spies had stolen or was given secrets from the U.S. government. When William "Bill" Clinton was in office it was no surprise that the traitor gave U.S. secrets to China. Donald Trump has even showed his displeasure in Obama so far. So why are his records sealed and what does he have to hide? Maybe they're right. He's a turtle hiding in a shell.
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